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Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn Fashion Illustration: DIY Project of the Day

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with one DIY project. 

For this DIY project I have used: 
1. Paper  (depending on the size of the illustration you'll need a piece or a sheet of paper) 2. A pair of scissors 3. Pencil (for sketching) 4. Coloured pencils (for colouring the illustration) 5. Glue (to glue the illustration)

 Customized Notebook Tutorial:
1. Sketch a fashion illustration in pencil. If you don't know how to draw, find a fashion illustration or a magazine photograph you like and copy/ trace it with a pencil. 
*(Alternatively, you could also cut a fashion illustration out directly from the magazine and glue it to the notebook but that would be another kind of DIY.)
2. Colour the fashion illustration using coloured pencils. Alternately, you can also use markers or some other medium (but you need to make use you use the paper appropriate for that medium).
3. Cut out the illustration with scissors. Don't worry if you cut out a hand or something like that. You can alw…
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Two Outfits Featuring One Pair of Hand painted Jeans ( With Links To Old Posts Explaining 'How To Paint With Textile Paints?' )

Today I'm sharing two spring outfits with you. It is hard not to inspired by Spring, not to be moved by its vibrant energy. It is hard not to admire the beauty of flowers blossoming everywhere. That being the case, I figure we might as well let go and enjoy it while it lasts. Sometimes it is best not to fight certain pleasures in life, pleasures like this one, the joy of the definite arrival of spring. Spring is here and I can already sense the scent of summer in the air. Let's make the most out of it!

 The first outfit is all about denim. A pair of vintage (but hand painted by me) jeans worn with a denim jacket. I accessorized this casual outfit with a vintage scarf. You know how much I love scarves, right? This vintage scarf is one of my favourite ones. This was a very comfy outfit to wear, it kind of made me wonder why I don't wear jeans more often. My significant other is always telling me I should wear jeans more often, but I&#…

Printed Skirts For Spring: 3 Outfits (+ My Reflections About Spring)

Today I'm going to share 3 outfits that I have worn recently but haven't managed to share with you until now. This spring, one of the trends I've been really into is the trend of bold patterns. If you ask me, printed skirts are a great take on this trend. I wear skirts all year around but they seem to be especially appropriate for spring time. So, today I'm sharing 3 outfits with printed skirts.


I already posted about the 3 ways to wear a yellow checkered skirt here, but here is another proposal. How do you like it? If you are looking for more ideas on how to style a yellow checkered skirt, you can have a look at these old posts (here and here). This time I paired this skirt with a vintage yellow blazer. You'll probably see me wear this yellow blazer again because I really like it. Anyone else into padded shoulder blazers? Do you find the padded jacket retro feel cute or is it just me?  Despite being a capit…